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Gone, but not Forgotten from the J.F.K. Class of 1980.

Robert Julian Back ( - 4/5/99)
Pamela Bernstein
Lawrence Edelman
Michael Paul Gould (2/12/65 - 3/21/02)
Karla Herdegen (9/5/65 - )
Neil Scott Lanzaro
Luis Rodriguez
Lisa Carol Seeman-Klein (9/14/65 - 6/24/05)
John George Seubert (6/4/65 - )
Jay Shapiro (7/8/65 - 10/19/94)
Andrew Joseph Shulman (9/24/65 - 8/4/95)
Paul Steinberg ( - 4/16/80)
Allen Ronald Turner (3/20/65 - 10/20/87)
Catherine Mary Wall (1965 - 12/-/09)
Elyse Hope Wasserman (Morales) (1966 - 2010)

Gone, but not Forgotten from the J.F.K. Faculty and Staff.

Muriel Bates, Language Arts
Joan Boland, Language Arts
Margaret Brunner, Counselor
Judith Carter, P.R.I.D.E.
Edythe Clement, Language Arts
Margaret Dietrich, Secretary
Irwin Harris, Librarian
Harry Hoffmann, Fine Arts, Band, Orchestra
Jackie Jones, Social Studiess
Jack Lake, Vocational
Catherine Morris, Secretary
Benjamin O'Shell, Support Services
Don Pool, Vocational ( - 2003)
Jasper Simmons, Physical Education
Paul Singer, Social Studies
Robert Sweeney, Physical Education (October 17, 1934 - February 1, 2013)
Max Weitz, Social Studies

Michelle Lisa Adler 9/22/69 - 4/7/03 (A Falcon of the Class of 1984.)
Michelle Lisa Adler 9/22/69 - 4/7/03 (A Falcon from the Class of 1984.)

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