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The Faculty and Staff Chargers of North Miami Beach Senior High School 1980-1983The Faculty and Staff Chargers of North Miami Beach Senior High School 1980-1983The Faculty and Staff Chargers of North Miami Beach Senior High School 1980-1983

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Geography teacher.

Patricia Adams, Cafeteria Support Services is missing.
Andrea Alpert, Special Education is missing.
Grace Alshin, Aide-Ortho-Handicapped is missing.
Lucille Anderson, Cafeteria Support Services is missing.
Jack Annunziata, Language Arts & English Honor Sponsor
Gersie Arnold, Foreign Language
James Baldini, Driver's Education & Golf Coach
Faye Barfield-Evans, Attendance Secretary
John Barnwell, Guidance & Future Medics Sponsor
Clyde Bates, Industrial Arts
Margaret Baulkman, Activities Director
Debbie Belcher, Physical Education, Volleyball & Basketball Coach is missing.
Cele Berman, Librarian
Elaine Bernstein, Language Arts
Helaine Kloth-Bernstein, Counselor & P.R.I.D.E.
Robert Berry, Social Studies
Fred Bertani, Administrator
Charles Bisbano, Driver's Education & Baseball Coach
Kenneth Blank, Foreign Language
Robert Bonville, A.V. Support Services
Larry Bowen, Work Experience
Gil Breito, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Peggy Brenneman, Mathematics & Key Club Sponsor
Mattie Brown, Cafeteria Support Services
Helen Browdy, Clerk
David Buncher, Science
Carole Burger, Language Arts & Genesis Sponsor
Rosy Butler, Custodian Support Services
Kathleen Butterly-Yuni-Nigro, Language Arts
Nancy Cafiero, Hearing Impaired is missing.
Victor Cappillo, Driver's Education, Soccer Coach & Junior Class Sponsor
Guy Carretta, Mathematics, Health Education, Business & Football Coach
Teresita Ceballos, Language Arts
Betty Chambers, Physical Education & Softball Coach
Beth Chasin, Fine Arts
Chavas Cheves, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Pearl Chiari-Bennett, Foreign Language & French Honor Sponsor
Andree Chunn, Language Arts & Sophomore Class Sponsor
Willard Collins, Industrial Arts & V.I.C.A. Sponsor is missing.
Richard Cook, Administrator
Muriel Costa, Transcript Clerk is missing.
Pat Curry, Language Arts
Anthony D'Alessio, Social Studies
Armeta Davis, Principal's Secretary
Ellen Davis, Language Arts & Thespian Sponsor
Virginia Davis, Mathematics
Tom Dawson, Science, Track & Football Coach
Mary Jo Dean, Mathematics
Eduardo Del Castillo, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Kenneth Donner, Counselor & Bowling Coach
Helen Dostal, Mathematics
Marvin Doudna, Language Arts
Sedge Duckworth, Mathematices
Fran Dysart, Language Arts
John Esposito, Mathematics
Gary Feilich, Science, Proteus Sponsor & Volleyball Coach
Stella Firriolo, Registrar
Sandra Fishkin, Language Arts
Eleanor Flynn, Language Arts is missing.
Elsie Foley, Purchasing Clerk is missing.
Martin Frady, Administrator
Jay Freier, Exceptional Education
Muriel French, Cafeteria Support Services
Larry Fudge, Support Services is missing.
Jane Geltzer, Language Arts
Marvin Gersing, Social Studies
Miriam Gersten, Social Studies
Joe Gheradi, Science is missing.
Joe Giannantonio, Wrestling Coach
Bessie H. Gibson, Principal
Phylis Glassman, Language Arts is missing.
Wilma Goldsmith, Foreign Language & Judea Sponsor is missing.
Earle Goldstein, Band, Music, Fine Arts
Barbara Goleman, Language Arts & Motif Sponsor
Frances Gomez, Mathematics
Rosalind Gordon, Hearing Impaired is missing.
Margaret Green, Mathematics is missing.
Betty Greenberg, Language Arts, Civitan Sponsor
Irving Greenberg, Guidance is missing.>
Shirley Greene-Horwitz, Language Arts
Giacomo (Jack) Grippo, Mathematics
Richard Gutting, Social Studies
Charlene Handford, Teacher Assistant is missing.
Terry Harding, Hearing Impaired & S.O.D.A. Sponsor is missing.
Mary Harris, Cafeteria Support Services is missing.
Louise Harrison, Cafeteria Support Services
Willard Hart, Social Studies is missing.
Mary Hartley, Fine Arts
Debbie Albrecht-Haydock, Business Education & Cheerleading Sponsor is missing.
Elois Hayes, Social Studies & Leo Club Sponsor is missing.
Louise Hershman-Weiner, Business Secretary
Jerry Hickson, Custodian Support Services
William Hofmann, Science
Larry Holley, Driver's Education & Water Activities Coach
Roberta Hopkins-Jones, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Michelle Hudson, Assistant Attendance Clerk is missing.
Judy Hunter, Social Studies & Student Government Sponsor
Jennie Introvaso, Cafeteria Support Services
Stephanie Jackson, Support Services is missing.
Marshall Jacobs, Social Studies & Athletic Trainer
Virginia James, Social Studies Resources is missing.
Jimmie Jenkins, Custodian Support Services
Miguel Jimenez, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Frank Johnson, Administrator
Barbara Kansol, Guidance Secretary
Mel Keil, Industrial Arts is missing.
Henry Kearse, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Ollie Bell Kelly, Cafeteria Support Services
Ricardo Kemps, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Anne Keohane-Bowlin, A.V. Clerk
Ann Keusch, Exceptional Education is missing.
Marcia Klinkenstein, Business Education & F.B.L.A. Sponsor
George Kouri, Physical Education, Basketball & Football Coach
Tom Landers, Social Studies & Octagon Sponsor is missing.
Garfield Leland, Custodian Support Services
Emily Lerman, Community School Secretary is missing.
Anthony Liotti, Social Studies is missing.
Robert MacDonald, Social Studies & Bowling Coach
Madeline Mandell, Library
Deborah Mar, Fine Arts & Tri-M Sponsor
Frank Maristany, Foreign Language & Spanish Honor Sponsor
Harriet Marks, Mathematics
Mary Mays, Office Manager
Charlotte Meyer, Language Arts & Junior Class Sponsor
Richard Meyer, Science & Tennis Coach
Bradford Meyerdierks, Music, Band, Fine Arts (1973-1976)
Arthur Mickens, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Harriet Miller, Language Arts
Kaye Miller, Driver's Education & F.H.A. Sponsor
Rita Misonznick, Treasurer
John Mixon, Science & Cross Country Track Coach
Charles Monico, Support Services
Arlyne Monyek, Language Arts
Charles Morris, Business Education
Sharon Moss, Science is missing.
Arlene Multz, S.L.D. PT & Exceptional Education
Carol Nardin, Mathematics Assistant is missing.
Trish Nelson-Miller, Language Arts & WNMB Sponsor
Cheryl Nitkin, Library Aide is missing.
Carmen O'Bregon, Curriculum Secretary
Althea Odom-Foxworth, Science is missing.
Mary Ann Blasco-Page, Mathematics, Mu Alpha Theta & Senior Class Sponsor PARODEE.NET
Nelson Pardo, Physical Education
Judith Parnass-Weinberg, Language Arts & Octagon Sponsor
Julie Pettigrew, Counselor & Honor Society Sponsor
Carolyn Pickard, Language Arts
Valarie Pickard, Transcript Clerk is missing.
Vito Piacente, D.C.T. Sponsor & Golf Coach
Liz Price, Special Education is missing.
Marge Reehil, C.S.I.
Devora Renick-Fine, Foreign Language & Language Arts
Lorenzo Reno, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Irwin Richmond, Social Studies
Norma Roitstein-Jane, Industrial Arts is missing.
Patsy Rose, Mathematics
Barbara Rothstein, Science, Science Honor & Omni Sponsor
Joyce Rothstein, Library
Carrie Rouse, Cafeteria Support Services
Glenn Rubinstein, D.C.T. Sponsor & Wrestling Coach
Wayne Rullan, Physical Education, Basketball & Football Coach
Lucille Santopolo-Gessner, Data Processing
Peter Saponaro, Science & Gymnastics Sponsor
Norma Schmidt, College Placement Specialist
Alan Sharps, Band, Music, Fine Arts
Bernard Shaw, Guidance & Tennis Coach
Mary Sheehan, Office Assistant is missing.
Albert Simmons, Administrator
Howard Singer, Business Education & C.B.E. Sponsor
Roger Sinigoi, Language Arts
Eli Skop, Fine Arts
Debbie Slater, Cafeteria Support Services is missing.
Theodore Sloan, Business Education & D.E.C.A. Sponsor
Ingrid Smith, Transcript Clerk is missing.
James Smith, Band, Orchestra, Music, Fine Arts
Yvonne Smith, Business Education, F.B.L.A. & C.B.E. Sponsor is missing.
Marlene Snyder, Language Arts & Student Government Sponsor
Alan John Stevens, Physical Education & Football Coach
Rosa Storr, Foreign Language, Spanish Honor & Key Club Sponsor
Michael Sturgulewski, Science & Leos Club Sponsor
Mariella Tariff, Attendance is missing.
Felix Tejera, Social Studies
Dennis Truax, Mathematics is missing.
Carolyn Turner, Cafeteria Support Services
Michael Valley, Business Education & Work Experience Sponsor
Sam Viviano, Science
Felix Void, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Betty Wank, Mathematics
Catherine Washington, Support Services is missing.
Dolores Washington, Business Education & D.C.T. Sponsor
Walter Washington, Head Custodian Support Services
Ernest Watts, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Judi Weech, Language Arts & Quest Sponsor
Bruce Weinberg, Fine Arts & Thespians Sponsor is missing.
Marvin Weiner, District Administrator
Alan Weiss, Physical Education & Science
Michael Weitzman, Social Studies & Soccer Coach is missing.
Sylvia Wetzel, Business Education
Roy Wilfork, Phyical Education & Football Coach
Joseph Williams, Driver's Education, Football, & Track Coach is missing.
Mary Williams, Cafeteria Support Services
Vicky Williams, Mathematics
Walter Williams, Science
April Wollman-Grant, S.L.D. PT & Cross Country Coach
Frank Wright, Custodian Support Services is missing.
Carol Wyckoff, Work Experience
Arline Zucker, Language Arts, Debate Sponsor
Norman Zucker, Custodian Support Services is missing.

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