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The North Miami Beach Senior High School Class of 1983's Class Roster 'J'.

Amy Patricia Jackson E-mail address is available upon request.
Audley A. Jackson is missing.
Ellison Jackson is missing.
Larry Jaffe is missing.
Scott Richard Jaffe E-mail address is available upon request.
Janice Meloney James (Moody)
Stephen James is missing.
Laura Lee Jansson is missing.
John Jaramillo is missing.
Catherine Emily Jarmiolowski (Evans) E-mail address is available upon request.
Asenette Jauregui is missing.
Marie Caroline Jean is missing.
Peter Jenkins is missing.
Sharon Jenkins E-mail address is available upon request.
James Jett is missing.
Jeff Jiampetti is missing.
James (Jimmy) Allen Johns
Benjamin Johnson is missing.
Caroline Antoinette Johnson is missing.
Harold Johnson is missing.
Tanya Johnson is missing.
Vendel Christie Johnson
Catherine Ann Jones is missing.
Coreatha Elaine Jones is missing.
Cynthia Lu Jones (Tynes) E-mail address is available upon request.
Deborah Lynn Jones
Edgar Jones is missing.
Eric Jones is missing.
Ingrid Jones is missing.
Morgan Sylvester Jones
Samuel (Sammy) Jones
Samuel Jordan is missing.
Andrew Preston Jozefyk

A question mark icon indicates their status as missing or unknown.
An envelope icon indicates that an e-mail address is available upon request.
A globe icon allows you to visit their web-site by clicking on this icon.
A camera icon allows you to see a picture of that person by clicking on this icon.
A black ribbon icon indicates that person has passed away.
A letter C icon indicates that person is a reunion committee member.

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